Sometimes the answers to life are the ones that come from our heart not our minds.


Have faith in life. You never know what life will bring you.


The universe has plans. Don't ever think that the things that happen are accidents. Everything that happens are manifestations of what you want. Think positive. Make sure what your thinking is giving you abundance.


What if the world had endless possibilities? I can tell you it does. Don't wish anymore. Declare! Then you will see your world with endless possibilities.


Sometimes in life we don't always get what we want. At least not always right away. A friend today confided In me that things are just not going his way. He didn't understand why. He wasn't getting work. His car was broken and he didn't seem to have a path. When I reminded him that the other day he said that he didn't like his job and he wanted out the universe provided just that. He had forgotten to add that he wanted another job and abundance. Sometimes we think thoughts that we feel will work for us but when they happen they can sometimes work against us. We need to me mindful of our thoughts. But also we have to believe. Which is the hardest thing. We think that if we try to control the outcome it will be better but it actually damages the outcome. Let go. Believe that it can happen. Connect to your higher self and understand that we are not forgotten.

The lesson in the story make sure your thoughts stay true to what you really want not what you don't want. Because the universe will provide either way.

Stay true to your self and believe.

The angels always have your back.


In life we try to manifest the things we want. And we wonder why we don't receive them. There are times when the angels, universe, God and everything in between have a greater plan for you. It's amazing that when you want or desire something it can come in an instant or take an eternity. Timing is everything. But patience is the hard part. You ask yourself why do I have to wait? Because its what the divine plan is. Even if we don't agree with it. Recently I was handed something to me on a silver platter. But I can't touch it yet. I can only look. What torture. All I have to do is reach out and I will be able to feel it in my hand. But archangel Michael said "here is what you desired, I will give you the information, but you cannot touch it just yet" so basically I can only watch. If I move an inch I will Alter the timeline. I don't want that. So I'm being taught patience, will, faith and honor for myself in the process. Oh but what torture. Soon though. Soon I will be able to reach for it. Sometimes the universe knows better than we do. Just have faith that they know what they are doing.

Its been a journey to say the least, but I finally made it. I have been putting off my journey as a healer for a long time and finally had to listen to my calling. This website believe it or not is the solid foundation of who I am to this world. I have made myself world wide public. I thought it would be scary, but really its very exciting! I am learning so much about who I am and what I do. I have been fortunate enough to be blessed with a good family and a good round of friends. They have all been very supportive of my endeavors. I am still of course working in my natural career as a therapist, But I love to engage in this type of energy healing to help others at a deeper level. This will be my new beginning to my new life.....